3 Email List Growth Hacks You Can Do Now!

We’ve all seen the articles where the author claims to have grown an email list from zero to 10,000 names in two months.

Frankly, I’m skeptical.

So I’m not going to make any claim like that. However, these three email list growth hacks will do a lot to jumpstart your list. And that’s no bull.

It’s who you know

You’ve been sending personal and business emails for about 30 years, right? Give your email software a raise, because it remembers virtually everyone you’ve sent an email to over the years. Further, there’s a good chance that a fairly high percentage of these people will be somewhat interested in what you’re doing. So why not start building your email list with them? Here’s what you do:

  • Compose a short email pitching the reasons people should sign up for your email list. Include a link to your opt-in page.
  • Start a new email, paste your message in the body.
  • Type the letter “A” in the “To:” field. You’ll get a long list of everyone you’ve sent emails to whose name starts with the letter A. Pick the first one on the list and send the email.

Email start address

  • Continue working your way through the letter A, then move on to B and the rest of the alphabet.
  • If you have a variety of email accounts – perhaps some old ones you don’t use any more – do this process for all of them.

Yes, this tactic takes a little time, but it’s a fantastic way to start your list. Also, within the email that you compose, ask people to forward your message to anyone they know who would be interested in the service or product that you’re providing.

Hit the forums

Compile a list of all the forums and blogs that accept comments and deal with subjects related to your area. Join the forums and start following the blogs. The goal is to make posts and comments and include a link to your email list opt-in page.

Many forums allow you to create a “signature” that includes a link. Make sure you link to a page where people will be encouraged to give you their email addresses. You might create a series of landing pages to match the specific topics of the different forums or blogs where you’re posting.


Forum post with signature. sized

The good thing about posting in these places is that you’ll be connecting with people who have a high interest in these subject areas. Interest goes up and down over time, but when people are actively involved in posting on forums or commenting on blogs is exactly the time when their interest is at its highest point.

These prospects are gold. You may not get a large number of names and email addresses from this work, but the ones you get will be ready to engage with you. Also, being involved like this raises your authority, which is always a good thing.

Grab your LinkedIn contacts’ emails

Your professional connections on LinkedIn make a natural target audience for your email list. But rather than use its clunky communication system, it’s better to download all your contacts and email them via your standard email address. With one or two minor tweaks, you can probably use the same email message that you composed to send out to your legacy email contacts.

Here’s how to get this done:

1. From your LinkedIn Welcome page, select “Connections”:


2. Select the setting gear graphic from your Connections page:


3. Select “Export LinkedIn Connections” and choose the type of file you prefer:




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