4 thoughts on “A Stylishly Illustrated ‘Elements of Style’”

    • rbmanley

      Haha. I assure you it’s not.

  • Illustrating “The Elements of Style” was a great idea. I think “new” is not the right term, though, for a 2007 publication, Ray: a 2007 computer would be considered two generations obsolete by the time it is 7 years old, and style guides are almost as perishable these days with our language(s) changing so quickly… 🙂

    • rbmanley

      Within the oeuvre of Strunk and White, I think I can squeak by calling a 2007 edition, new, but really in my mind, I used new because this little gem of a book is so different from previous editions, as in a “totally new take on an old classic.” In any case, go to a bookstore, find it and thumb through the illustrations, they’re a kick. And thanks for the comment!

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