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Do you want to live a location independent lifestyle? Ditch your fulltime job? Hire a writer to create content for you? This collection of curated content from around the interweb will give you a good push toward your goals.

Productivity and lifestyle

“Focus on what you ultimately want, not who’s right or wrong.” That’s just one of the gems Renita Kalhorn shares with us in her Forbes article: Why You Need To Make Your Own Rules (The Ultimate Productivity Hack).

FE International founder Thomas Smale gives us four simple strategies for scheduling a productive workday. Number four is one I need to work on.

With all the crazy stuff about Elon Musk that’s been in the headlines lately, this was a really timely article by Richard Trevino II: How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur Without Sabotaging Your Personal Relationships.

And to continue on the theme of the challenges that hit entrepreneurs right between the eyes, Scott Oldford offers some good advice if focus is your Achilles heel.

Okay, you’re never going to adopt all 100 of the productivity hacks in this list pulled together by Sabine Staggl at Noisli, but I’m sure some are going to jump out at you and give you an “ah-ha” moment.

Interested in living a location independent lifestyle? You need to hear what Brittan Bennett has to say about housesitting as an option.

Gene Marks gives a quick rundown on 15 free Excel invoice templates included with Office 365 that will prove extremely valuable for running your business and staying in the black.


In the Business Rockstars video series, Erik Huberman discusses the three pillars of marketing: awareness, nurturing, and trust. It’s so easy for us to get stuck on one of these, but marketing won’t work without all three.

For an introduction to the most important fundamentals of blogging, check out what Jason Tselentis has to say. He hits the topic from several important angles, some of which aren’t discussed very often.

With Jason’s article under your belt, it’s time to start brainstorming topics to blog about and that’s where Taylor Bragg’s Techwire Asia article comes to the rescue.

We could spend 24/7 on social media, so anything that pares that down is welcomed advice, which is exactly what Maria Ross delivers in her Red Slice article. (By the way, I explain how to do powerful social listening quickly and easily in this recent piece.)

When should you outsource your blog writing? Brad Smith, founder of Codeless, gives both the pros and the cons of hiring freelance writers.

Amandah Blackwell makes the case for boosting your income via email marketing. She’s a proponent of Ben Settle’s email marketing strategies, which is the well-known 10-Minute Workday program. Chanell T offers advice on a similar topic, delivering guidance on how to transition from fulltime employee to fulltime freelancer.



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