Best of the Web: December Productivity Edition

I find that there’s an insatiable appetite for anything that might increase our productivity: tips, hacks, apps, ideas, approaches, philosophies, potted plants, odors, better chairs – anything. That’s why I collect the best articles from around the internet that give us ways to boost our productivity.

We’re all different, so not every one of these will be for you. But take a minute to find a few that hit you where you’re living.


Lindsay Tigar talks to nine productivity experts to discover the best ways to beat those pesky distractions and actually get everything done that needs doing.

Along those same lines, a lot more people talk about being “focused like a laser” than are actually so well focused. Distractions are a big problem. Jack Canfield explains how to regain focus when faced with constant distractions.

I’m all about this Forbes article by Frances Bridges: The Most Productive Ways To Take Breaks At Work. (I’ll be back in 15.)

And if you need even more ways to get yourself off the dime, check out Alice Boyes’ Harvard Business Review article that gives us five things to do when we feel overwhelmed by our workload.

There are two types of habits, three if you count nun garb, but I digress. I’m talking about good habits and bad habits, and if you can’t get rid of your bad habits, it’s hard to find room for the good ones. That’s why these eight tips from Yolofreelance will probably prove helpful to many of us.

Pressed for time? If so, you’ll appreciate the fact that Deep Patel is giving us 10 ways to improve ourselves in 10 minutes or less.

You’ve heard the phrase, “I’m my own worst enemy,” and maybe uttered it yourself. Bruce Flow tackles that as it applies to us in his Medium piece, Mental constructs from your 9-to-5 job that are bad for self-employment.

Posting on Make a Living Writing, Evan Jensen delivers seven “truth bombs” that expose freelance time management dreams versus reality.

Sometimes you can get trapped in the “small picture” and taking a step back can be useful. That concept is similar to what Jessica Stillman has to say in her Inc. piece, Forget Trying to Craft a ‘Genius’ Daily Routine. Do Like Billionaire Sara Blakely and Worry More About Your Weekly Routine.

Okay, let’s climb out of our heads for a minute and discuss practical matters, like productivity-enhancing Chrome extensions, apps, and general hacks. That’s what Brian Tan does in this Hackernoon article where he lists 30 tips that he says will double your productivity.


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