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It’s been a couple of weeks since I last analyzed which content I’ve promoted really tickled the fancy of my followers, so I’m featuring more than I usually feature. (Psst. A secret: I’m also taking a special look at the best recent productivity articles and will publish something about them in a couple of days.)

Sales and Marketing

Success in any business is all about meeting and exceeding customer expectations. In this infographic, Mark Walker-Ford captures what online shoppers want in a website.

If not done properly, email campaigns can drive prospects away rather than convert them. Sam Welch discusses how to structure an email programto retain customers.

Naming a business is probably more difficult than naming your first child, so I think Darpan Munjal’s four expert tipson choosing a name and trademark will come in handy at some point for you.

Number four on Jeff Charles’ list of solopreneur content marketing tipsis probably the one you’ve never done. Try it. I have and it’s worth the expense.

I especially like Kevin James Culp’s list of six popular types of “drip email” in his piece on how to start a drip marketing campaign.

Jessica Collins asks (and answers) a great question: Where do I find freelance writing clients to cold pitch?I can see myself trying a couple of these.

My mom used to say to me: If your friends all jumped off the bridge, would you do it too? The same reasoning applies to your online presence: Just because everyone’s doing something, doesn’t mean it’s good. That’s the thought behind Lucas Miller’s article on six common online habitsthat are killing brand credibility.

Ibrahim Kareem gives is a sort of primer on digital marketing in his Business2Community article. See if you’re hitting all 10 of his “actionable tactics.”

Entrepreneurship and lifestyle

Hey moms! Want to get started in the small business world with a good stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) business? McKinzie Bean has some freelance ideasthat might fit your talents and desires.

3D printing was once a hot topic. It may not be in the headlines so much today, yet its possibilities are still enticing. Elain Pofeldt tells the story of how one guy “3D printed” his way to a million-dollar business.

Finally, a Venn Diagram that we can actually use in our lives! Jacob Lyda gives us a great diagram and article designed to help us become successful digital nomads.

Brian Fielkow’s idea had never occurred to me. He says that successful entrepreneurs know the difference between taking chances and taking risks. (Please forward to Elon Musk ASAP.)

Want to hit the road Jack…or Jill? Dive into the insights Olivia and Kyle Brady have uncovered and developed on jobs you can do will living the RV life.

And speaking of life on the road, Anthony Delgado says that Puerto Rico is the ideal location for a digital nomad. I know that electricity has been fully restored, so maybe he has a point.

I know a couple of adventurous women whose adult lives were shaped by the first suggestion on Alexandra Talty’s list of how to travel the world and make money. See if one of her ideas fits your time and talents.

Do you know how to protect your cellphone and your data when you’re traveling? You will after you read Shivani Vora’s NY Timesarticle.



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