Best of the Web: Productivity Edition

For some reason, there was a surge in solid productivity advice over the last couple of weeks. Maybe after a couple of months of goofing off during summer, we all started getting serious about finishing the year strong.


In any case, review the articles below and find the ones that you best relate to, or best nail where you’re at when it comes to productivity, or lack thereof.

The über savvy and successful Neil Patel gives us the seven secrets self-motivated entrepreneurs know. (I guess they aren’t secrets anymore…)

After you check out Patel’s advice, see what you think about Brendan M. Egan’s 6 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Make Their Lives Easier and Avoid Burnout.

Jessica French says that creatives should always work as contractors. Agree? Disagree? Hear what she has to say in her Medium essay.

Brittany Berger shares her personal system for staying organized and maintaining her sanity…so if you’re not yet completely bonkers by your workload, you should check out her tips.

“Hashtag Tourist” Chelse has some great productivity advice as she discusses how she cut her work hours in half while galivanting around the globe.

You know the adage about the cobbler’s children having no shoes? It’s the same way in writing – we write for others, but find it difficult to carve out time to write for ourselves. Sari Bottom does a good job helping us break through this barrier.

I think there’s a lot to be said for simplifying our lives – both personally and professionally. It’s the second one where Elisabeth Hippe-Heisler offers sound advice.

I have to admit that Alexandra Beauregard sort of hit me where I live in her article titled It’s not about better time management, it’s about better self-management.


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