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From Bhutan travel tips to reasons why “the customer is always last,” we feature some darn interesting and occasionally provocative articles and essays in this crop of popular curated content.

Enjoy and pick up a few fresh ideas while you’re at it.

Solopreneur tips

Bhutan has never been on my itinerary, but considering how popular Prerna Malha’s Wanderers Hub article on her travels there turned out to be, it must be on a lot of your minds. Great photos, by the way.

Kavi Guppta captures the thoughts of six experienced digital nomads on how they tackle loneliness when they’re on the road. You’re sure to find some strategies you can use. (In related news, I recently discussed how to beat the “home office blahs.”)

Although I’m not sure I want to live like royalty, I wouldn’t mind the option so I scoured Mitch Glass’ The Hourly Income You Need to Live like Royalty in These 5 Amazingly Cheap Countries (And How to Do It).

I love the angle Rebecca Safier took in this Remote Bliss article: How to Become a Digital Nomad and Design Life on Your Terms. A life by design. Sounds good, and smart.

Choncé Maddox covers a lot of bases when she details six ways to make money on Pinterest in her piece for Single Moms Income.


Have your paid blogging jobs slowed down or completely evaporated? Jenna Farmer (The Bloglancer) suggests 10 reasons why this may be happening to you.


I love keyboard shortcuts and it drives me crazy when I work with others who refuse to learn them and take an extra .75 seconds to get something done! That’s why I loved Avram Piltch’s rundown of 22 great keyboard shortcuts.


I see an insane number of people out there trying to improve their landing page results. Mark Walker-Ford gives us eight UX tips to boost conversion rates. Use them on your site, or on your client’s landing pages.

I think Merilee Kern is really onto something when she gives us her “conversation marketing hacks.” We could all use some advice on how to speak more “human” in our marketing materials.

In her Thoughts and Designs website, Kimberly Eddy addresses a really good question: Which would best serve your side hustle, a responsive website or mobile app? I think the logic here also applies to many small businesses.

We’re pretty much done with Beach Book Season, now it’s time for some serious reading, so check out Taegan Lion’s piece listing 28 books to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Amanda Campbell Teed captures the insights shared at AIMCON 2018 on how AI will impact marketing and marketers. Not sure I’m ready for this…how about you?

Kirk Deis, CEO of, says that his Forbes article “will change the way you look at customers and marketing forever.” For one thing he suggests that the “customer is always last.” Definitely worth a read.



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