Best of the Web: Umpteen tips on solopreneur, freelance, and digital nomad success

This batch of curated content offers lots of insights on the best ways to earn more money working for yourself, whether you want to be a freelancer stationed in your guest bedroom or a digital nomad working from the steps of a shrine in Southeast Asia.

Writers and Writing

When I started to freelance write for a living, there were several sites where it was easy to get published; that made establishing an online portfolio easy. There are fewer today and that’s why I appreciated Annie Rose Favreau’s rundown on six great portfolio sites.

Do you write resumes? For yourself? For others?  Rachel Marcelle details three exceptions to standard resume writing rules that you should definitely consider.

The freelance writing market is competitive so if you can position yourself as a high-value writer, you’re ahead of the game. Ryan Robinson tells us how to do it.

Freelancer, Solopreneur and Digital Nomad business life

I must confess that this question never occurred to me: Can single people afford to be self-employed? Fortunately, it did occur to Kayla Sloan and she addresses it in this article.

Has Upwork shot you down? Danny Margulies shares how to get your Upwork profile approved…even if they’ve rejected you 10 times.

If the road is calling your name, but you don’t know how to fund your adventure, check out what Samatha Bhargav considers to be the top three jobs for the wannabe digital nomad. In a similar vein, Janice Wald focuses completely on how to start earning income from your blog.

Okay, some would say you’re crazy to go freelance, but that’s not really what Alix Walker is talking about in her piece entitled How to safeguard your mental health when you’re freelance.


Catherine Carrigan takes a look at Tim Lewis’ new book and discusses how to make friends in social media and succeed in business. That’s a great one-two punch, isn’t it?

With reviews and ratings, power has swung back to individual consumers so skip Brian Greenberg’s piece on how to get your customers to leave positive reviews at your own risk.

In Drew Neisser’s two-part interview with Eric Eden, this highly effective CMO explains how to get started on your B2B marketing tech stack.

If your site is not getting much traffic, you’re in trouble. See if you’re taking advantage of most – if not all – of the nine proven ways to drive traffic to your website as outlined by Connor Gillivan.

Make sure you’re in line with what Justin Bariso has to say about writing “emotionally intelligent” emails if you want to have any email marketing success or even successfully communicate to your colleagues.

And while we’re talking about email, don’t miss any of Dakota Shane’s six simple ways to grow a massive following for your newsletter.


I truly appreciate the advice George Deeb delivers in his Entrepreneur article, Want Your Business to Grow? Complete One Material Action Per Day!.


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