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Need a quick dose of excellent advice? I’ve pulled together the recently published articles from around the interweb that my followers found the most useful. Look them over, I’m sure you’ll find something that addresses an immediate need.


Everybody preaches about engagement, but few actually address the subject, well, subjectively. Nadya Khoja is an exception. She tells us how to measure it and explains all the important engagement metrics.

It’s a topic where there is very little marketing advice: Audio integration. Beyond not annoying website visitors with our favorite middle-school rock song on auto-play, what can we do? Mikko Matikka gives us five tips. Can you hear me now?

And hey, audio and video go together like soup and sandwich, so next up I want to recommend Irfan Ahmad’s infographic: 20 Essential Video Marketing Statistics.

Speaking of infographics, Mark Walker Ford has recently published two infographics that my followers found very useful. The first outlines tips to increase engagement, which you should now be able to measure due to Nadya’s article. The second goes into why folks on Twitter are unfollowing you. (Hey, engagement and disengagement!)

Above we talked about engagingcontent. Makenzie Bonham takes it further and describes you to transform a blog post into a captivating piece of content. That’s even better in my book.

If you need a new approach in your marketing, how about purpose-driven marketing? Kim Moutsos takes a deep dive into the topic on the Content Marketing Institute blog.

Productivity and lifestyle

I’m a big believer in templates – they bring higher levels of efficiency and consistency to repeated tasks. That’s why I appreciated The Freelancer’s Yearfounder Lindy Alexander’s article: How this one template will boost your productivity.

I’ve seen plenty of lists of places where digital nomads can put down (temporary) roots and sometimes they are extensive. Ciara Johnson has gone the other way: she’s pared it down to three recommendations. Taking a different approach to this topic, Laura Jean outlines 11 things to look forwhen choosing your digital nomad home base.

But can we talk? Everything isn’t always perfect in the digital nomad “paradise” so I really appreciate Katelyn Smith’s detailed The Pros and Cons of Being a Digital Nomad.

MAKE TIME FOR THIS ONE NOW: Confessions of a former procrastinator: 10 tips for becoming a Time Management Master, by Will Chou.


Being forewarned is forearmed, so if you’re thinking about starting a new business, check out Emma Worden’s piece on the obstacles you’ll face. And, if that business happens to be freelance writing, Elna Cain’s startup guide is gold.



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