My content marketing secret weapon

I’m probably an idiot for revealing one of the top content-marketing strategies I use for clients. I should figure out a way to make you pay for it…but I’m not, so feel free to take this idea and use it for yourself.

Leverage curated content

Curated content posts have been popular for some time now and for several good reasons:

  • They can be easily created,
  • They are popular, and
  • They are popular with readers.

In case you don’t know exactly what I mean by a “curated content posts,” these are blog posts that point readers to posts and articles on other websites that the “curator” believes are high quality.

I’ve been creating these for several years for a major client. They are published weekly on the website and they usually include 10-15 short paragraphs that give a quick overview and point readers to a well-written and valuable article on the web.

I’ve noted over the years that these are always among the most read and most shared articles that we publish…and they are shared a lot because we have a strategy in place to boost shares, and that’s what I want to outline here.

How we select articles

I’m a firm believer in the wisdom of the crowd, so I select articles to share in our weekly curated content post by looking at social media statistics to discover which of the content we posted got the highest engagement rates. We share content from other related websites in our social media on a very regular schedule – about once an hour during business hours.

Tip:Generally speaking, we only share content that has its author or creator identified. If there is no authorship credit, we usually skip it unless we believe it is too good “not to share.” This is important, as you’ll see in a moment.

How we leverage the articles

After I’ve pulled together the curated content post, we publish it and then my virtual assistant goes to work; this is when the magic starts.

She looks at each article I’ve referenced in the curated content post, notes the author, and then looks for the author’s contact information. She sends the author an email or message that compliments the author on great content and explains that it was featured in our curated content post. We mention how we would appreciate it if the author could mention it in their social media.

Every author appreciates the kind words and most authors will then share our curated content post in their social media.

Bingo! Our curated content posts become some of the most read and shared content on the website. We also get more website visitors and newsletter signups. Plus, we’ve created good relations with writers in related niches.

Now try it yourself

As I said above, this is easy to do. The hardest part is finding contact information for the authors and I have my overseas VA do this…and it’s really not that hard once you know what tools to use. (I’ll detail those in a later post or newsletter.)

We’ve been doing this on a weekly basis, but a monthly or bi-weekly curated content post would work just as well.


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