5 thoughts on “How to find the best service to start your freelance career”

  • This article is great. I myself started working on Elance and oDesk not so long ago. I have one question if I may ask. Is it necessary to upgrade to a premium membership after some time. I’ve been involved in freelancing on Elance for about a year or so so I would like to know if it is necessary to upgrade your account or should I stick to a basic one? My services and client market have really started expanding so I think a premium membership would help me out a lot.

    • rbmanley

      Thanks for the comment and that’s a great question. While it’s not absolutely necessary, I found it useful to upgrade. You get to establish a bigger “footprint” in terms of marketing yourself and I believe that it demonstrates your commitment (to others AND to yourself) to being a professional and investing in your business, both of which bring somewhat intangible benefits.

      Best wishes for continued success,

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  • Trisha panda

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