Easy Ways to Add Graphics with Type For More Impact and Social Shares

add graphics with typeThere are four elements that will pull a reader into your article:

  • The headline,
  • The first paragraph, and
  • A graphic.

Of course, once you pull readers in, you have to keep them engaged. But if you can’t make the “sale” right at the top, you have failed right out the gate. I’ve discussed headline writing not once, but twice so here I want to talk a little about creating graphics.

I often create graphics for my own posts and I have clients who hire me to create graphics for posts.

When you decide to include graphics with your posts, they don’t have to be fancy. Just start by adding some type to a good illustration. I try to start with a free illustration and I often find myself turning to the public domain art at Pixabay.com. I use Apple’s Pages and Preview to do the work. Here are my steps:

  • Drag and drop graphic into pages and place type on it.
  • Export it as a PDF in the highest quality setting.
  • Open it in Preview.
  • Select just the graphics to get rid of the white space. Copy that area.
  • Create a new document still in Preview. It will be the same size as your selected area.
  • Paste and export as a JPEG or PNG file.

Putting drop shadows or semi-opaque boxes behind the text often helps make it more readable. Both are easy to do in Pages.

There are many programs that are much more powerful that you can use to create stunning graphics. However, I’m a writer first so my approach is to create something that will catch the reader’s eye, give a little information and hopefully pique interest. You’ll see that often I put my URL on the graphic just to keep it in front of potential clients.

There are a variety of websites and apps that allow you to manipulate graphics and type. If you’re really clever and want to go beyond simple graphics to accompany posts, you can try to create the next meme that goes viral. Some sites to explore are:

There are some good posts on various mobile apps you can use. Nicole Nguyen wrote on the topic for Popsugar and Jackie Dove covered the topic well in a post on The Next Web. I’m assuming, however, that most bloggers will be doing this work on laptops or desktops. Am I wrong?

If you don’t want to do the work yourself, contact me, but I’m sure you’ll find any of the methods here super easy.