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I've been using #quickbooks for self-employed for a long time. I let it track expenses, send invoices, alert me at tax time, watch my mileage and more. Explore it. Quickbooks affiliate link:

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9 Reasons to Include Podcasts in your Marketing Budget for 2019

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Sites with user-generated content like Quora and Reddit can be gold mines for referring traffic to your website, boosting brand authority, and reaching niche audiences for your business. But you better respect what is and is not allowed on these powerful channels for distributing your content and increasing engagement.
Involving employees in the company’s content marketing strategy isn’t a new idea. Employees already are asked to share content on their social channels. C-suite and subject matter experts often collaborate on thought leadership content. And you likely know the value of connecting with your sales and/or customer service teams to
So many good ideas get published on this blog in a year that it’s nearly impossible for one person to absorb them all. Examples from 2018 Content Marketer of the Year finalists were so inspiring they stayed with me. When it came time to offer up our latest batch of
The sales funnel is obsolete. In fact, it has been obsolete for a long time. Bold statement? Yes, but when you look at the facts, it’s obvious. The sales funnel doesn’t help predict anything about buyers: Not their mentality, not their movement through the buyer’s journey, and not when they
Certain Agile concepts and ideas have been part of the content marketing conversation for some time now. Scrum is one concept that’s often part of these conversations. But bundling it with Agile causes all kinds of confusion. This article focuses on how a Scrum-based approach to content marketing could
Until recently, the closest I’ve come to understanding artificial intelligence is knowing that it powered tools in my martech stack (e.g., marketing automation, predictive lead scoring, etc.). Beyond that, I found the concept hard to grasp until Chris Penn’s presentation at Content Marketing World, How to Use AI to
Creating visuals for a landing page is kind of like dressing for a job interview. Job candidates want the interviewers to see them as well prepared and a good fit for the company. You want the visuals on your landing pages to communicate to visitors that you’re delivering what
 You spent hours (and maybe days) creating that content. It enjoyed solid exposure when it first went live but, months later, it’s neglected and almost ignored. How can you put that old content to better use? Reoptimize it. Reoptimizing your old content has two important benefits: Accumulated backlinks
Songwriters are storytellers. And if you’re a content marketer, you’re also a storyteller. We’re trying to do the same thing – to capture the most elusive thing we can with words: a feeling. Here are seven songwriting secrets that will help you make your content stronger. 1. Storytelling
Every editor knows what it feels like to sit exasperated in front of the computer, screaming internally, “It would have been easier if I’d done it myself.” If your role involves commissioning and approving content, you probably know that same sinking feeling: You’re 10 seconds into reviewing a piece