The Five Biggest Blogging Mistakes

5 big blogging mistakes

Why is your blog not attracting the interest that you feel it should? Chances are that you’re making mistakes, and there are a lot huge ones that you can make, not even including bad grammar. Let’s start with the five biggest blogging mistakes you can make at the start of your articles, and then we’ll end up with the worst ways to wrap up.


Blogging mistakes: Five Worst Ways to Start a Blog

There are a lot of bad ways to start a blog, but these are the worst.

  1. Following a Formula. Your blog title sounds the same as everyone else’s. Enough said.
  2. Following Fads. You start your blog with OMG. Or “Colors that POP!” or “Bromance” or “Beeyatch” or any of the other trendy words or phrase that are cluttering up the Internet. These are words and phrases that should never be used by any responsible blogger ever again. They’ve been done, and done, and done to death, and can’t we please just allow them to die a natural death, or maybe put them out of their (and our) misery once and for all?

Instead, why don’t you try being relevant? Create a unique title that actually says something about your content instead of relying on tired old phrases and words?

  1. Long Titles. Look, people want it snappy and short, not long and wordy. Think of your title as an elevator pitch – keep it short and to the point. No one wants to listen to you blather on.
  2. Misleading Titles. This is one of the worst ways that bloggers use in order to try to hook readers. And most of them blow it big time. Here’s just an example of one we’ve seen – “Bert and Sally marrying at last!” Of course, the people involved are Burt (not Bert) Reynolds and Sally Field, and no, they’re not getting married. But that’s the header that gets you into a site that’s trying to sell you something. If your content doesn’t stand on your own, none of this foolishness is going to bring people into your site. So don’t do it.
  3. Broken Promises. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Is your title over the top? If it is, rethink it. Making an outlandish promise will capture some readers quickly, but they won’t stay with you.

Blogging mistakes: The Worst Ways to End a Blog

Now, let’s talk about the worst ways to wrap up. Of course you want to get read, but the way that you end your blog will determine how people perceive you, and your ending can make or break you. Here’s what you do: Summarize what you told people in the beginning. Let them know what you want them to do. Are you asking for feedback, or do you want someone to buy something? Either way, find a fun way to persuade them to do what you want.

Look back at your post. Did it excite and engage your reader? If you were reading the post, would you want to engage with the blogger or buy the product? What happened at the end? Did you feel interested and engaged, or did you just want to go away? Think about it, and edit your post accordingly.

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